Terraria how to get mushroom seeds

Mushroom Grass Seeds are a type of Seed that has a chance to drop from harvesting Glowing Mushrooms, and can be used to grow your own Glowing. To grow a farm from Mushroom Grass Seeds, they will have to be planted on mud . Once a seed is placed on a mud block it can spread to other connecting Mud. Another way to get them is to move your nature person (I cant remember what her name is) to a houseing in an underground mushroom biome.

You can get as many mushroom seeds from dryad as you can afford if she is settled in a mushroom boime. But the jungle seeds is a problem. I need them in so the mushroom npc can move in. Do they not spawn in hard mode?. I recently started hardmode and wanted to get the truffle to move in, but I an above ground mushroom biome without using mushroom seeds.

I found a batch of glowing mushrooms and my friend recommended I make a farm out of the seeds, but I cant seem to get them to plant in the. Big mushrooms are possible, I have just not seen them personally. dirt blocks while near water), plant some Mushroom Grass Seeds in it.

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