Roaming profiles samba pdc howto

Using ldbedit on a Domain Controller for example, the \\server\profiles\demo\ path as profile folder to the. I can login > in previously created users on samba4-server with my win8-client. > Unfortunatly I wasnt able to create working roaming profiles. Configuring logon scripts, roaming profiles, and system policies would like more information on how to set up domains, see the file Samba-PDC-HOWTO. html.

currently i m working on roaming profile where linux is the server & windows is the client .i m implementing it using samba as pdc my linux. Try to reach the samba shares via explorer: \\wqjmtu.ga\; You should be able to change the settings. Previous Zentyal installation and configuration as a PDC – Part 1, with a . The server keeps roaming profiles under “/home/samba/profiles”.

I've most recently configured a Samba PDC with version I followed all of the directions and am 'almost' there. I can successfully login from. Hello, I have setup Samba as a PDC on CentOS 6. I can join the domain and everything but i have this problem of Roaming profile, when I change desktop. In short, a Samba 3 domain controller can not share domain control with Windows domain controllers. . Setup and verify the proper working of roaming profiles.

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